Monday, December 16, 2019

how to clean a painting on canvas

Whether the oil painting is stored in a warehouse or hung, it will be covered with a layer of dust. If the oil painting is covered with dust, the most scientific cleaning method is to use a brush to remove the dust from the picture. But remember, you must check whether the surface of the oil painting is cracked or loose before you wave it. If so, don't touch these parts. The most taboo of oil painting is to wipe it with a rag, let alone a wet rag, and it is more dangerous to use a rag soaked in soapy water. Moisture will enter the delicate muscle lines of the oil painting and it will be difficult to come out. Older oil paintings also have a layer of bright paint on it. When combined with water and gas, it will produce a grayish lime effect, like bleaching the work. Moisture can also cause irregular shrinkage of the canvas, which is even more detrimental to uniform pigment adhesion. If the problem is serious, it is safer to consult a professional.