Tuesday, November 5, 2019

How to apply black and white colors?

1) application of white oil paints:
The white is the color with the highest brightness and the strongest covering power. Large Abstract Canvas Art It is often used to brighten a certain local color.
Mixing white into any other color will improve the clarity and purity of the color.
Mixing the same amount with the same amount of black will produce pure grey, and mixing the same amount will get different brightness of grey.

To make the color lighter, blending in white is not the only way.
In nature, any color changes with the intensity of light.
Red, for example, tends to be blue-violet when it's dark and orange-yellow when it's light.
In other words, to brighten the red, you must add orange.
(2) application of black oil paints:
Match black with any other color and it can become "dirty".
An exclusive color of black is usually used independently of the image or mixed with white to make a grey color.
There are three traditional ways of blending black:
Dark red + ripe brown + half green = warm black
Cooked brown + prune + half green = cold black
Ripe brown + emerald green + crimson = neutral black
(3) abstract paint black and white usage of modern oil painting:
Classical oil paintings use white pigments, in addition to toning, mainly to enhance the contrast between light and shade, so that the pigments become opaque and thickly painted in the light part, with the purpose of improving the color with white.
Modern oil paintings, especially impressionists, generally add white to the pigments after they have observed the outdoor light, making the overall color of the picture brighter.
The impressionist painters such as manet, monet and schurra mixed the color used with lead white to different degrees to increase the brightness of the color and obtain the effect of natural light color.
Black was not found in the spectrum, so the impressionists removed it from the palette.
Then they learned to reconcile the "black".
Group green, magenta, green and other pure tone and together, so that it is close to black.
Renoir called black "the queen of the color", and Lautrec, Large Wall Art Cezanne, Gauguin, Matisse, Picasso, and other outstanding modern oil painters used black in their paintings, which made their colors full of deep power.