Friday, December 21, 2018

Mounting Methods of Pure Hand-painted Oil Paintings

Outer frame painting: Compared with Large Abstract Paintings, the proper use of the outer frame can play a key role, so-called "three-part painting seven-part mounting", this theory is also applicable in Western Oversized Abstract Art. A small frame, a combination of personality, humanities, tradition, decoration and a series of knowledge.


Frameless painting: Frameless refers to no outer frame, using the inner frame support, the canvas surface as tight as a drum face on the inner frame, the canvas edge wrapped the inner frame, the inner frame hidden behind the Black and White Abstract Canvas Art. Because there is no frame on the surface, it is called frameless painting. Frameless paintings are mostly used in modern decorative design.

At present, the main oil painting frames on the market are wood processing and PU. Because the frames made from wood that is not qualified for water steaming and drying are easy to crack naturally, PU painting frames with more environmental protection, stability, affordable price and various patterns will be popular. Through the transformation from handicraft industry to industrialization, many kinds of oil painting frames have been derived from material, manufacturing technology and shape. According to material classification: wood processing, logs, PU (polyurethane).

Classified by shape structure: corner frame, circular frame, line frame, one-time forming frame (press or draw).

Classified by surface technology: spraying, gold and silver foil, log sealing wax, etc.

The standard mounting method of pure hand-painted Abstract Art packs and mounts solid wood inner frame. The material is 2X3cm professional, strong, environmentally friendly, beautiful and artistic. Metal hooks are placed on the back and can be directly mounted on the wall. If you need to mount the outer frame, you can contact the shopkeeper to get the outer frame drawings for customization.