Sunday, November 25, 2018

Art rental changes the relationship between the public and art-where to buy abstract art

Where to buy abstract art-I have come into contact with many art Spaces in shenzhen,Large Canvas Art Sale and the art rental platform is my first encounter.
Recently, I witnessed the launch of a new mode of art sharing at the proxi cultural art rental promotion conference held in shenzhen.
Under this model, citizens can rent free artworks online through ant financial credit platform,Black and White Abstract Canvas Art and shenzhen, chongqing and nanjing are selected as the first pilot cities for this business.
Almost as soon as the shenzhen art rental platform was launched, a similar art sharing platform was launched in Beijing.
Visible this one "emerging" thing, can rise slowly in domestic,Contemporary Wall Art make artwork shares a kind of agitation thereby.
Personally, I quite agree with the attempt of art rental, which is a beneficial exploration to let the seemingly elite art into the public life in the current tide of sharing economy, and there is broad space in it.EXTRA LARGE 72″ HORIZONTAL ACRYLIC PAINTING FOR SALE

There is a process of public understanding and acceptance of artworks. For example, our cognition of artworks is more about going into art galleries, museums, and appreciating or worshiping art, which is the traditional pattern in the past.
Art rental platform on the Internet platform and mobile Internet terminal, you can bring home the latest works created by artists with your fingers. You can enjoy art more closely and from zero distance, breaking the limitation of time and space, which undoubtedly shortens the relationship between the public and art.

Encouraging the public to take artworks home with low rents or to offices in semi-public Spaces, such scene consumption has changed the way artists need to establish contact with the public through the traditional mode of exhibition or publication, so that artistic creation and individuals have more open space for dialogue and possibility.
More convenient, faster and freer.
At the same time, if this business can be widely promoted and widely accepted, it will also change the single discourse mode of art galleries, museums and collectors to shape high-end works of art, and make the relationship between art and ordinary citizens more equal.We usually go to the gallery, a museum exhibition, because we love of art, by art lease platform, like works of art are placed himself in his own private space, you can always stare at it and establish a closer relationship with the artwork, I think this is more a way of love, it has added to our choice of art space.
Of course, at present, art rental platforms also need to shoulder the responsibility of education and popularization of some public art, because to make the public generally accept the involvement of art in personal life, more online and offline public welfare promotion activities are needed