Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"frame" came out of the wall, picture frame installation art is also amazing!

How to match the painting frame?
Recommend answer: : want according to your painting content and subject matter, 2 want according to your picture tone and painting style, 3 want to see your individual aesthetic and interest, for instance the painting of children kind does not suit Europe type the frame of style, the style of the picture pure and fresh does not suit the frame of black and carve patterns and so on.

Mainly look at your painting patterns and styles to customize the frame more appropriate
How does oil painting match frame, actually the person that works in this industry can have feeling: color is bright oil painting, the oil painting that the color is a little dim, which one style oil painting should match frame so on.

The simplest point is: oil painting is the product of western language, of course should match Europe type oil painting frame, namely which kind of frame art pattern is more, can add inside frame.
It is also worth noting that oil painting with a solid wood effect of the frame used less.
The picture frame is just like the effect of green leaves on flowers.

One should according to your painting content and theme, two should according to your picture tone and painting style, three should see your personal aesthetic and hobby, for example, the painting of children does not suit the frame of European style, the picture pure and fresh style does not suit the frame of black and carving and so on.

Hello: glad to answer your question!
[inner frame] the non-standard size of the inner frame can be ordered in the store, generally 3 days can be taken.

Calculate money according to meter, inside support also want calculate.

The average 30cm*40cm is only 3-5 pieces
Coarse weave fabrics are easy to hang in color, suit the landscape, and have a good effect with thicker colors.

The price of cloth with different types and widths varies greatly, with the average linen at 160cm width at more than 10 meters.
Size of cloth = about 5-10cm of inner frame plus surrounding edge to calculate the required size under which width to pull cloth, so as to avoid waste.

【 latex + base material 】 small bottle 5-10 pieces, first buy a bottle, can make a half meter below frame.
Nail gun + shoot nail to fix the cloth bag on the inner frame, the gun ranges from 30 to 150 pieces, some imported ones and some domestic ones are available according to personal choice, the nails are usually around 8 pieces.
[plate brush] brush the adhesive and base material on the frame of good cloth, brush paint so big, the wool of wooden handle is thin, nylon is ok also, 2 be like 3 pieces.
I hope my answer can help you. Thank you