Saturday, September 29, 2018

Abstract Art Can Personalize A Child's Room

We often associate Abstract Art with formal areas of the family,such as restaurants or front doors.But now,wonderful patterns,colors and textures are used to enhance any space in the home-and the children's room is my personal favorite.

Wallpapers are not only playful,beautiful or cool,they can also be used to personalize your child's bedroom and create their creativity.You can use the wallpaper to make your children's room feel more real.

1.Abstract Art can reflect children's favorite hobbies.A good way to excite a child is to decorate her room with something she absolutely loves.Whether it's a robot or a butterfly,there's a wallpaper that tells your child.I suggest you actively participate in the selection process of children.Strong opinions about hobbies or charms may translate into strong opinions about wallpaper.

2.Abstract Art can show children's favorite colors and shapes.In wallpaper,there is no shortage of options.If your child is important in geometric shapes such as triangles and stars,consider combining these shapes with a lot of playful paper to create beautiful abstract patterns.Using large repeats of a single shape like this star-shaped wallpaper can make bold declarations,but still leave breathing space to highlight colors throughout the room.If there's one thing I 've learned as a mom,it's that the favorite color for kids is the ice cream they like best there.Celebrate color preferences,and your child's bedroom will immediately feel its own preferences.

3.Wallpapers can provide canvas for children's art.The framework wallpaper of Graham and Brown,which designed by artists Taylor and Wood,provides a good background for hanging children's artwork and allows your children to paint directly within the framework.Or,use paper as a background to build a home photo wall.Rearrange the drawings and photos on this simple black paper to give the room a variety of looks and sensations.It can also be cleaned with a sponge,easily erasing errors!Another option is Pop & Lolli coloring paper wallpaper,which is a detachable and reusable fabric paper that can be used as a coloring book for walls.When everything is colored,just take out the paper and stick it to another paper.

4.Wallpapers can celebrate children's original art.Digital printing has changed the wallpaper world by providing cost-effective alternatives to expensive manual wallpaper.In fact,any design or image can now be translated into wallpaper-including your child's own work!

I recently decorated my son's entire room with his early painting.He was only 3 years old and just learned how to hold a brush.I worked with a digital printing specialist outside of Detroit to create a repeat of the pattern with a small portion of my son's paintings.In this photo,you can see the original painting (in the picture) and the wallpaper we created based on it.

5.Wallpapers can stimulate children's imagination.Whether it's a reflection of a fascinating forest,stargazing at dusk,or a favorite storybook scene,wallpaper can capture the nature of the environment and take you there.Recreating children's favorite settings,whether fictional or non-fictional,is a true and bold expression of their personality! Wallpapers can create a solid background for dreams through furniture,carpets,accessories and toys.In this photo,the large flowers and palm trees match perfectly with the wonderful tree castle.